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IBSC is a world class Buddhist Research and education facility

at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU) Thailand.



Process of Defense Examination

IBSC Graduate student who want to take Dissertation / thesis defense examination please download forms at and click topic Form 8 Application Form Concerning a Title of Thesis proposal, Thesis, Dissertation, Thematic Paper.
IBSC Monthly Exams require students to submit their Dissertation / thesis within Day 1-15 of the month so end of the month can be Examination all year round.
Then follow the procedure:
  1. Students fill out Form 8 (and endorsed by advisor) with 6 copies of Thesis/Dissertation
  2. Students submit document and 6 copies of Thesis/Dissertation to Examination Office within Day 1-15 of the month before the examination date at the end of the month.
  3. After finish the Defense Exam, committees probably suggest students change Thesis/Dissertation some of contents by correcting new contents by pen and endorse on the Thesis/Dissertation, then students need to revise and correcting the Thesis/Dissertation within one month after the exam.
  4. After finish the exam, students submit one copies of completed Thesis/Dissertation and Form 6 General Request form to administrative office within the deadline and wait for approval Format Checks.  All Thesis/Dissertation students are required to PASSED FORMATTING YOUR THESIS/DISSERTATION.
  5. After passed the Format Checks students can fill out Form 12 and All required as follows.
  • Complete Dissertation/Thesis 6 copies
  • Front cover, internal cover, approval page with the committee’s original signature, abstract page 1 set
  • Each of data compact disk contains with DOC file and PDF file of Dissertation/Thesis  2 disks
  • Original of Accepted letter to publish the article in journal 1 set
  • Complete Form 13
  • Complete thematic paper 4 copies
  • Compact disk contains with DOC file and PDF file 2  disks
  • Academic paper/Book review 4 copies
  • Compact disk contains with DOC file and PDF 2 disks
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