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Buddhism 4.0 Visiting Professor 2018

Visiting Professor 2018 on the topic "Buddhism 4.0" IBSC is proudly invited Prof. Dr. G.T. Maurits Kwee (Emeritus Hon. Prof.), Faculty Member of the Taos Institute for Relational Buddhism, Netherlands.

Class Date : September 5, 2018

Time : 09.00 am - 03.00 pm

Here his short biography

G.T. Maurits Kwee, Ph.D. (Emeritus Hon. Prof.), Clinical Psychologist, is a Faculty Member of the Taos Institute (USA) – Tilburg University (Netherlands) Ph.D.-Program and Founder of the Institute for Relational Buddhism & Karma Transformation, Netherlands ( Chan adept from his teens, Professor Kwee earned his doctorate in Medicine at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and was a director of an inpatient psychiatric facility as well as a Research Fellow at Waseda University, Tokyo, Honorary Professor at the University of Flores, Buenos Aires. Currently Guest Lecturer at the Buddhist College, Budapest, he is also an active Advisory Board Member of Shan You Counselling Centre, Singapore. For more

A clinician, researcher and supervisor, he was also a convenor of a dozen conferences and lectured world-wide as a Past President of the Transcultural Society for Clinical Meditation (Japan) and a Board Member of the Society for Constructivism in the Human Sciences (USA). Dr. Kwee promulgates a cutting‐edge secular Buddhist psychology/therapy based on pan-Buddhism, a confluence of Theravada, Mahayana and Relational Buddhism. He empowers and transforms change advocates (therapists, counsellors, coaches, trainers, managers) as well as organization leaders, clients, students and the public at large.

His latest books: New Horizons in Buddhist Psychology (2010; Taos Institute Publications, USA) and Psychotherapy by Karma Transformation (2013; downloaded in 51 countries. His subjects include the Pursuit of Happiness Amid Adversity (Oxford University Press) and Pristine Mindfulness: Buddhist Foundation of Heartfulness (

Languages: Nederlands, English, Deutsch, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien (passive).

Contact, E: and M: +3117314007

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