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Ven. Asst. Prof. Dr. Phramaha Phuen Kittisobhano

Vice Director for Administrative Affairs 

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Venerable Phramaha Phuen Kittisobhano (Chalermchan)


Academic position: Assistant Professor

Educational background

          -Pali VII

          -Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

          -Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

          -Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology


          -Counseling and Psychotherapy

          -Advanced Research and Statistics

          -Buddhist Studies

Teaching experience

          -General Psychology

          -Statistics in Psychology

          -Life and Psychology

          -Psychology of Life and Death

          -Advanced Research methodology in Buddhist


          -Experimental psychology

          -Psychological practicum

          -Cognitive Psychology

Research experience

          -The selective factors affected to psychological well-being of the elderly, 2015.

          -Causal model of moral courage in adolescents in Bangkok, 2016.

          - Causal model of family strength in Thai society, 2017.


          -Statistics in Psychology

          -General Psychology

My Publications
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