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IBSC Online Admission Form 2023


This is an Online Application Form which is originated from the IBSC form 2 for Furthering Education in International Buddhist Studies College (IBSC), Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University.

Noted :

1. It’s would be best if you submit your CV and check your English qualification to meet the English language requirement.

2. You are guaranteed that the qualification and details stated in this application form are all truth; and if the
university proves later that I am lack of any qualification, I am pleased to comply with every rule and regulation of the
university in the relevant part.

3. Please fill in your details below.

Please upload your documents in the last session of the form

- Official Photo (size 1.5 inches) 
- Passport(for foreigner) / ID card(for Thai)
- Transcript & Certificate 
- Medical certificate

- Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate
- House Registration (For Thai)
- Monk’s identification card(for Thai)
- English language Requirement (Except Certi. MM. ) 
- CV / Resume (For MA & PhD)
- Certificate of Dhamma Studies 
- Certificate of Personal Name Change

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